Giclee "Archival" Prints
Like lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, and engravings before them, these archival pigment prints
represent the latest advances in art reproduction. These archival Giclee prints are reproduced using the
most advanced systems by one of the most talented craftsman currently in the field of art reproduction.
To input the artwork he uses one of only ten cameras in the world with “perfect” optics. (Some of the others
belong to The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, The Art Institute of Chicago,
The Vatican and The C.I.A.). He then color balances the work for accuracy. Once each piece is approved by
both the artist and himself, he uses a state-of-the-art printer to produce an archival canvas, which is finally
sealed to protect it from excessive moisture and wear. Though still fragile, these prints will last a lifetime
if kept out of direct sunlight and moisture. Rather than the usual day or two from art drop-off to pick up,
he will work for weeks (or months, as needed) until the print meets his standards.
There have been no corners cut and no expense spared in reproducing this artwork.


Below are the sizes and prices of the prints currently available.
Each size of each print will be a museum-quality Limited Edition of 50 prints.

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Currently, Giclee prints come in six sizes and prices.

27 x 18 are $475

30 x 20 are $550

26 x 34 are $660

40 x 30 are $785

36 x 48 are $1,300

54 x 40 are $1,850

72 x 48 are $2,200

These prices are for both vertical or horizontal prints. E-mail us for custom sizes and prices.

Sizes above are rounded off, and may vary slightly.

All images are © 2007-2008 Douglas Gobel