Douglas Gobel

Born: 1958, Nebraska

Kathy Ferris (Tutor) 1972-1974

University of Nebraska
Fine Arts Program, 1975 & 1976

Professional Experience:
1978-Present Visual Design & Illustration
1983-1990 Portrait Art (Chalk Pastel)

2006 Daily Review, Houston, Texas
One Artist Show AIDS Benefit-May 2006

2007 Nance Street Gallery, Houston, Texas-November 2007-January 2008
2008 Nance Street Gallery, Houston, Texas-November 2008-January 2009

2007 Houston Art Crawl-November 2007
2008 Houston Art Crawl-November 2008

002 Houston, May 2006
OutSmart, May 2006

Private collections in California, Nevada, Texas, Florida & throughout the Midwest

Landscapes: In the past eight years my art has evolved from memories of home –
early images of growing up on the prairie in Nebraska, driving through endless fields of grain.
The fields all had distinctive personalities: Corn, erect and rigid; wheat, bowing to the wind;
alfalfa throwing off its sweet scent. The landscape I recall is mostly devoid of hills and trees.
It’s a minimal business of trees and sky. In some of my paintings, the images that return are realistic.
In others, memory is distilled to its essence.

Florals: I have always been facinated with flowers. The colors in combinations that only nature could imagine. I try to maintain the essence of the flowers themselves and respect their beauty and aliveness. By promoting and amplifying their essence through various techniques, I strive to preserve their freshness visually.


All images are © 2007-2008 Douglas Gobel